The joy of making a chair

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Possibility starts with a chair.

9 Components

Endless Possibilities

We deconstruct a chair down into 9 parts, including the seat, legs, back rest, the connection part of the upper rest and lower seat, and the arms. It becomes easy and fun for the users to mix and match different components.

design your own


through Furniture

Create your chair, table, or stools with dozens of interchangeable parts, the possibilities are endless.

Element of Taiwan

Do you remember the finest times?
An icy popsicle to cool off a hot summers day, grandmother in her favorite old rattan recliner, or even laughing it off with a stranger, while you both missed the last train.

- Our fondest memories.

Classical Elements

Are you a retrophiliac?
Gorgeous baroque architecture, vintage handmade shoes, Renaissance art, a classic good time.
If you want to understand anything, begin with a classic.
Let PileUp Life take you through time and space, travel to the romantic and elegant Golden Age.

- This is our dance.

Industrial Elements

Do you have the courage to try it?
Rustic is the new attitude to life.
Possibility should not be limited; beauty will not be restricted.
Innovation requires your inner mad scientist, allow ideas to flow without boundaries.
The world is your workshop.

- Our madman diary.

Modern Elements

Have you ever dreamt of floating through space? The new era of science and technological materials,
Meticulous perfect fine lines,
Space age influenced design,
It’s 2046, where everything is perfect,
Without impurities and responsibilities, where everyone can dare to dream.

- Our Utopia.

The Process

A Furniture with Endless Possibilities

PileUp Life does not only provide you with a chair, but a chair reflecting your personality.

Let’s take a look

Build your dream furniture, selecting your favorite material, an exploration of personality and preference.

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